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I've been working with kids ever since I left Uni. My goal is to become a teacher one day but not quite yet. I feel I have a lot to learn and the outdoors is the environment to learn from. Many people have become detached from nature and the outdoors and I want to immerse myself into nature to learn from it and then pass on what I've learnt to others.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Badgers, Hungarians and kids

Wow another weeks has gone passed. Going to have to think very hard to remember what I've been up to over the last week.

Tuesday we spent the day preparing for the Hungarian invasion.  I moved into my new yurt with new carpet (it still has the new carpet smell). It's very cosy and I have a proper bed too. The Hungarians arrived very late that evening which was celebrated with a lovely whisky.

On Wednesday and Thursday we carried on with the yurt build (it seems to be taking forever but it's only done in small bits at a time). When I build my own yurt to live in I think I'd try and build the whole thing in a week. Do I have any volunteers to help me?

On Friday I work with a primary school. It put some faith back into me becoming a teachers as it showed me that there are some teachers out there who do give a damn about the kids and created an imaginative day full of mystery and adventure for them.

Saturday was the first official Forest School. It was a magical day with the kids engaging in many different activities with older kids helping younger and everyone having fun. It made my cheeks hurt as I was smiling so much.

Today we went to an old ladies house to begin evicting some badgers from her garden. They're beginning to tunnel under her house and have made holes all over the place. It's not believed to be a main badger sett but more of a holiday home or love shack. We've put up some one way gates around the fences so they can leave the garden but can't come back but they will probably just dig holes to get back in. The next step is badger proof fencing.


  1. Hey Steve,

    Sorry if I haven't replied soon enough because I didn't get a chance, but now I have. I hope you are having fun out there, and exploring nature. Yes, I'm causing as much trouble and nonsense as ever in Yr 11.

    Steven (aka) "JubbJubb".

    P.S. I haven't seen much parakeets at school.

  2. Hey Steven,

    Glad to hear that you're causing trouble at MHS. The parakeets may have moved to warmer climates. I'm unsure if they're migratory birds. Maybe you can find out for me. How's your new blog going?

    Steve, AKA best key worker ever.

  3. Hi Steven again :),

    My new blog is doing well, you can take a look at it here:


    with 40 reviews done. I've only completed 4% of the challenge. I sort of abandoned my other blog because two blogs is too difficult and I want to focus on one.

    Steven (AKA) the best key-working student you ever had!